With it reaching a high of 20° today, I thought this was appropriate…

Titleist Research and Development team published an article that goes over some basic physic concepts. When it’s colder outside, the cold air will be denser in nature which in return will cause increase lift and drag. The ball will fly less distance…

How much less?

“For the air temperature effect alone, figure on a distance loss of about 1.5% per 20°F reduction in temperature. For example, for a 50°day versus a 70°day, on a 200 yard shot you would lose about 3 yards.” per the article

Due to the heaviness in the air, the ball will create a higher arc and shorter flight.

Instead of switching out to different golf balls and playing with balls that have different characteristics that you may not be comfortable playing with or over-swinging due to colder temperatures causing injury to already cold and stiff muscles, be a better game manager and take an extra club.


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